Hi, my name is Chris, I’m an American guy living in Peru full time for the last 3 years.

My dad came to Peru in the late ’80s with the American Military helping improve lives for kids in Peruvian Andes.

Dad died recently in Peru after I moved with him full-time to Peru in 2019, R.I.P Lt. Col Philip O. Right after dad passed Bandi my father’s German Sheppard became very ill.

After a horribly scary experience with several Veterinary clinics, we opened our own full-service Vet Hospital in Peru,where your pet is more important than the dollar.

After experiencing the last 3 years in a completely different culture and ways of thinking, Isee firsthand every day that there is an overwhelming need for an Animal control system or at least someone to call.

The goal is to build out an industrial space that will be large enough to board, feed, and medical care including surgery for 500 dogs and 300 cats on any given day.



Inspired by his personal challenges, Chris dreamt big. He foresaw an animal sanctuary capable of holding 500 dogs and 300 cats at any given time (offering boarding, feeding, and medical care). This space, imagined in every detail, would be more than just a shelter – it would guarantee rescue, recovery, and love to every animal who entered.

It was a big year – as Bandi's Place opened a new veterinary clinic, created several jobs, and even launched a pet food brand.

Charting a New Course

Challenges abound, but so do aspirations. Chris's ambitious blueprint doesn't just promise care and refuge. It heralds hope for countless Peruvian animals and pet owners alike. With memories of his father's devotion and Bandi's unwavering spirit, Chris and the team continue the hard work. Here's to a better future for our furry companions!


After his father died, Chris moved to Peru in 2019. Unfortunately, the family faced another heartbreak. Bandi, his cherished German Shepherd, fell suddenly ill. Facing the inadequacies of Peru's veterinary system head-on, Chris felt the stirring of a new mission.

Bandi's Place is Founded in Lima

Bandi's health challenges were not merely personal trials for Chris. They highlighted a broader narrative of neglect and need. The glaring gaps in Peru's animal healthcare were both a revelation and a call to action. The new charity he called Bandi's Place after his dog – a dream that other animals should never struggle to find adequate care.