Bandi's Place

Bandi’s Place, set to be Peru’s first animal sanctuary and dog shelter, is not just a canine safe space

Revolutionizing Pet Welfare in Peru: Welcome to Bandi’s Place by Chris Peru Companies

At “Bandis Place,” our non-profit venture under the Chris Peru Companies Brand, we envision a future where the community takes charge of animal welfare. With a laser-focus on promoting adoption, reuniting lost pets, and engaging with the community, we aim to revolutionize the pet care landscape in Peru. Your support and inquiries enrich our mission; please share your questions, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Thank you for joining us on this incredible voyage of compassion and change.

About Us

Bandi’s Place: Beginning Peru’s Animal Revolution

Picture a sanctuary for all the downtrodden dogs roaming the heart of the city or locked up in the dismal dirt lots. Bandi’s Place, set to be Peru’s first animal sanctuary and dog shelter, is not just a canine safe space; it’s a movement. With over 500 claustrophobic dog lots cramming up to 110 dogs in spaces meant for a mere dozen, the tales of hunger, untreated injuries, and neglect are deafening. Our mission? To stop the cruelty. Discover our journey of community-driven change – from widespread spay/neuter initiatives to adoption events, educational sessions, and groundbreaking public awareness campaigns.

Bandi’s Place: Revolutionizing Animal Care in Peru with a Magical Sanctuary

The next milestone of my vision is to open Bandi’s House, a Magical Animal Sanctuary where Dogs/Cats can roam freely in specially made stimulating environments. The goal is to build out a space large enough to board, feed, and provide medical care, including surgery for 131 dogs and 128 cats on any given day. Bandi’s House will be Peru’s 1st Animal control resource center. The final design will depend on the layout of the land and existing buildings. We will hire the Shelter Planners of America for the final designs.

Rescuing dogs in Peru


Our goal is to build an industrial space large enough to provide lodging, food, and medical care, including surgery, for 500 dogs and 300 cats on any given day.

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